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Sabtu, 17 April 2021 06.20 WIB (WIB)

Tuition Fee

UI students are expected to be fully engaged in their academic programs so that they can complete their academic programs as had been scheduled. Hence, undergraduates and graduates students are expected to carry a full-time academic load and to pay the requisite regular tuition rate. International students pay tuition fees for study at the UI subject to different prices varying from undergraduate, graduate and professional (specialist) programs.

Listed below is the 2008-2009 schedules of fees per semester for undergraduate, graduate and professional (specialist) students on the UI campus. Students admitted to certain professional schools are assessed a Professional Degree Fee in addition to the fees listed. If you are an International exchange student, you will have your tuition fee waived, but you must pay for the living cost in Indonesia. If you are a Non-Exchange student, you are required to pay tuition fees as well as the Mandatory Miscellaneous Fees. Fees are subject to change.

More Tuitiion Fee: