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From its founding in 1849, academic excellence has been the hallmark of Universitas Indonesia (UI), one of the foremost research and teaching of the world class universities. UI students acquire benefits from the University’s position as a national and international crossroads for intellectual, political, cultural, and artistic exchange. Today, UI offers its students with global standard educational learning, an exceptional curriculum and mentoring experiences and supported by professionally renowned faculty.

Students accepted in UI are very competitive, in which only 5% of applicants are accepted yearly. For example in the year 2008 only 5.000 students accepted out of 100.000 applicants. UI acknowledge the importance of graduate students and by the year 2012 more than 50% of students are for Master and Doctoral studies. UI produces the highest and world class number of PhD graduates. International academic research publications produced by faculty-staff and PhD students are increasing tremendously. Our commitment is to produce high quality standard of researchers and by 2012 UI will graduate more than 500 PhDs a year.

Undergraduate Admission

As the leading university in Asia, UI is a magnet to attract many applicants nationally and internationally. UI offers a world standard of opportunities for social interaction, a safe and comfortable place to live, or information about your education and career options. To be able to become a part of highly qualified undergraduate students, candidates must demonstrate readiness to study through some specific standard of achievement in a common entry examination.

Master and Doctoral Admission

Admission to Master program requires a good Honor at Bachelor's degree or equivalent and in the subject or related discipline. For Doctoral program, candidate must display an excellent record and capability in conducting academic research. As one of the leading research university, UI is fully committed to the scientific advancement. In addition, Master and Doctoral programs require candidates to demonstrate readiness to study through a specific standard of achievement in:

  • A common placement examination (eg., the subject GRE, GMAT)
  • A program-administered placement test in the relevant field (which may also consist of a structured interview to test the candidate's understanding of the field)