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Rabu, 24 Juli 2024 06.19 WIB (WIB)

Registration Guide for International Applicants


International applicants seeking admission to Universitas Indonesia must submit completed 'application package' and all required documents to the International Office of Universitas Indonesia, and those documents must reach the office by the application closing date. Decision for admission of international applicants will be based on the submitted documents.

'Application package' can be downloaded from registration-form, or will be sent via email upon request. Request for "application package" should be addressed to International Office at io-ui(at)ui.ac.id.

Documents to be submitted are as follows:

  1. Completed application form
  2. A copy of high school certificate (minimum) to register BIPA Program and Program S1, or S1 diploma to register Master Program, or Master diploma to register Doctor Program that has received full legalization by a school authority
  3. SAT
  4. TOEFL ITP (minimum score of 550 for undergraduate programs, 600 for graduate programs), or IELTS (minimum score of 5.5 for undergraduate programs, 6.0 for graduate programs)
  5. A copy of grade transcript from the origin institution of the applicants
  6. CV/ Bio data
  7. 2 (two) Letters of Recommendation (UI form)
  8. 1 (one) Copy of Passport
  9. Certificate of Health (UI form)
  10. A statement letter of financial guarantee (appended by the bank statement) (UI Form) or a statement letter from Indonesian/Local sponsor
  11. 2 (two) Current Photos size 4 x 6 cm
  12. For undergraduate program applicants: an essay (statement of purpose, explaining the purpose of study at Universitas Indonesia, in Bahasa Indonesia/English, approx 500 words), for master program applicants: GRE / GMAT, for doctoral program applicants: research proposal
  13. Completed & signed law and employment declaration (UI form)
  14. For applicants wishing to enroll in regular program (where lectures are conducted in Bahasa Indonesia): TIBA certificate (or certificate Tes Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing, a Bahasa Indonesia proficiency test, conducted by UI), or certificate of completion of BIPA 3 (a language preparatory class conducted at UI), or study bahasa Indonesia at BIPA program 1/2/3 prior to joining regular program
  15. Completed Housing form (UI Form)

Applicants make payment of registration fee of US$ 30 via bank transfer to the account of Universitas Indonesia:

Bank name: BNI (name of branch: UI Depok)
Account name: Universitas Indonesia
Account number: 127.300.0035

Applicants send the completed 2 (two) copies of 'application package' and all required documents via registered mail or email, together with the copy of proof registration fee payment to:

International Office
Universitas Indonesia
Gedung Pusat Administrasi Universitas Indonesia, lt. 1
Kampus UI depok 16424, Indonesia
Tel/Fax: +62-21-7888 0139, or +62-21-786 7222 ext 100, or 104
Email: io-ui(at)ui.ac.id

  • Result of application will be send to the applicants. International office sends a 'letter of offer' and a form to be completed, to applicants who passed the submitted documents review and admitted as student of UI. Attached to the letter are information on tuition fee, orientation, application form for pick up at the airport service, list of accommodation , housing form, flight form, reply form to be completed by the applicants if they accept the conditions mentioned in the letter of offer.
  • Applicants who accept the conditions written in 'letter of offer', return the completed form to International Office
  • Upon receiving the completed form, International Office sends the 'Letter of Acceptance'.
  • The applicants apply for student visa or socio-cultural visa at the embassy of Indonesia.
  • International applicants notify International Office on their arrival date. In case where pick-up service (fee Rp. 250.000) at the airport is needed, this should be notified also to the International Office
  • List of Accommodations can also be sent to international students upon request

After arrival

  1. International students arrive in Jakarta
  2. Procedures to be done by international students are:
    • At Universitas Indonesia: administration registration and academic registration
    • At government authority office: reporting at police head quarter and obtaining KITAS (temporary residence permit) at immigration office
    • For those who do not have study permit: obtaining study permit at Directorate of Higher Learning Education at the Ministry of Education

Administration Registration Procedures

  • International students make payment of tuition fees, orientation fee, and pick-up service fee through bank BNI. Payment are to be made by cash or with cheque. International students who already have account at bank BNI, can make the payment through 'host to host' system
  • After making the payments, international students submit 2 (two) copies of proof of payment to the International Office.
  • At the International Office, international students complete bio-data form. At the same time, international students obtain recommendation letters prepared by the Office. These letters will be required documents for obtaining study permit (for international students who are already in Indonesia before being admitted as UI international students), KITAS (Kartu Ijin Tinggal Sementara or Temporary Residence Permit)

Procedures at Government Authority Offices

  • Within 7 days after arriving in Indonesia, international students must report to immigration office and obtain KITAS, and report their arrival at police head quarter. If international students fail to report to the two authorities within 7 days of arrival, they will be charged US$20/day by the authority office
  • For international students who already have KITAS, should obtain study permit at the Directorate of Higher Learning Education at the Ministry of Education
  • All the above procedures should be done by the international students themselves, or by appointed representative (sponsors, other person, or agent)

Academic Registration Procedures

  • International students go to Gedung Pelayanan Mahasiswa Terpadu in UI, bringing:
    • Copy of documents submitted at the time of application
    • Letter of acceptance
    • NPM (student's number, to be given to admitted student)
  • International students do the academic registration
  • After academic registration, international students will get KTM (kartu tanda mahasiswa or Student's Card) and yellow jacket (UI student's jacket)

International students can also benefit from internet hot-spot service inside the campus. The procedures to be able to benefit from the service:

  1. International students obtain internet service application form at Gedung Pelayanan Mahasiswa Terpadu
  2. International students submit the completed document and the note book computer to be registered at PPSI (in the same building)
  3. Should there be problems of internet connection through hot spot services, international students can report to the PPSI in the same building, or PPSI at Faculty of Computer Sciences, A building.

UI through International Office will hold orientation for international students, to introduce UI campuses, academic system at UI, immigration matters, facilities at campuses, students' activities and others.

Should there be any inquiries during study at UI, international students can also contact the International Office.